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shaune bazner

Since 1978, Shaune has traveled the world collecting beads for her successful personal accessories business. It was these vivid travels and the compositions of textures and colors created in her jewelry that inspired her to translate these to canvas. Her work is largely abstract, utilizing bold color combinations and inventive techniques to captivate the onlooker. Viewers will find themselves in serene landscapes, energetic pirouettes, and vibrant collages of various textures; all evoking a feeling of place. Her work has been lauded for its versatility and is appreciated by art enthusiasts with a range of aesthetics. Shaune's paintings look equally at home in cozy dens as they do contemporary kitchens or offices.

Shaune's work has toured with the Outloud Artist group and has been exhibited in private showings as well as galleries across the United States including: Left Bank, Dumbarton, Serendipity Work and Waverly. Shaune spent 10 years studying under Helen Corning at the Yellow Barn in Glen Echo, MD. It was during this time that she built upon her appreciation of Rothko, Diebenkorn, Turner, Dove and many other innovative artists, ultimately culminating in her own unique craft. Born in Natick, MA and raised in Chicago, IL and Weston, CT, Shaune has called the Palisades neighborhood in Washington, DC since 1983, where she raised two sons while living and working in the Palisades area of Washington, DC since 1983. She spends her free time walking in the woods. Shaune currently has patrons in DC, Santa Fe, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boulder, Boston, London and more.



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